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fall 700 million out of the program. paul ryan takes money at of medicare? >> he has to buy a lot that is the baseline. but what is different with the affordable care act a uses the $700 billion to fund entitlements and other parts of the affordable care act. bryan put the money back into the system to make it solvent so current seniors could count on that plan to be there for them. rozum: we hear back and forth shows how complicated and dysfunctional health care is right now. repealing the affordable care act we need to approve it. that is why i support medicare for all where employees could offer health care not wearing about the bureaucracy of who profits. i oppose the affordable care act. maffei: in medicare and social security is a sacred trust. what ann marie buerkle says don't worry if you are over 55. there are cuts she supported i don't just medicare and social security to be solvent for over 55 but will third-generation as it has given bedrock support. >>moderator: to wrap up the health care i know where you stand but if the next congress should attempt to repeal the aff
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1